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Sat. Workshop #4 2:45PM:

You May Be Young but you’re ready for God!

Luke 2:49

Paul Ballantyne

Paul Ballantyne currently serves as the Youth Minister of the Kings Church of Christ, in Brooklyn, NY since 2011. Paul has also worked with the Easternnaires and with youth throughout the New York metropolitan area since 1998. 


Paul’s goal is to build a relationship of trust and respect with the youth and to encourage them to build a faith in God that will lead them from their teenage years into adulthood. Paul  is happily married to Trina Ballantyne  for  over 20 years . Their relationship was built in ministry from the beginning and they continue to work together, serving God in various capacities. 

They have 2 children, Christian and Evan who both work in ministry. Christian serves in the music ministry and Evan in the AV ministry. Paul has been preaching and teaching the gospel since he was 16 and continues to do so today.

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